About the President and CEO

About the President & CEO

Adiohwo Ogheneochuko Emmanuel (Pastor, Evangelist, and Apostle) has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for over 6 years.

He is a professional website design/developer and online marketer.

Although he’s now focused exclusively on Web Designing/Development, Online Marketing, Sales of Crypto-currency, Online Investment, and Training/Seminar across Schools, Churches and other organizations across Nigeria and Ministry Works, preaching the gospel of the kingdom across the globe, his career has given him a broad range of experience. He is the founder and director of operation at Adio Web Design.

He studied Theology at International Bible Training College (IBTC) owned by the Deeper Life Bible Church and have also pastored in Deeper Life Bible Church.

He won an Integrity award from an American Oil and Gas Company due to his faithfulness, loyalty and honesty to the company

Also He is the President of Heavenly Key Evangelistic Movement and Omega Wealth Creator. Through his Leadership, Focusing, Determination and hard working in other to obtain a trans-generational wealth, He established the Adio Web Design Organization, where they help individuals to obtain financial freedom, creating jobs and empowering individuals.

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